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In some cultures, and traditions in Africa, the number 12 is associated with authority and governance. This is because 12 is seen as a complete and balanced number, suggesting that a governing body or council made up of 12 members would be a harmonious and effective group.

Having been at the pursuit of excellence (redefining excellence) for the past 12 years, this period represents a full cycle of wholeness, authority and leadership. We have done this through providing excellent business service and products to various brands within various industries across Africa.

Our 12-year experience and the new era presents us with an opportunity to be a leader with authority within the Branding, Marketing, Communications and Technology sectors, thus cementing our ethos engraved in our name (Business Mate – BizM8) – to become a trusted, reliable and exceptional business companion. BizM8 has a team of qualified, skilled and talented experts with vast industry experience in their respective fields.

Our idea of being a business companion is that of walking a journey of success with brands. We do this through providing brands with both collaborative and healthy a competitive advantage. The following steps dovetails our transformative journey for brands:

  1. Conceptualising/Reimagining Brands
  2. Establishing/Reinforcing Brands
  3. Nurture Brands
  4. Creating habits and a culture of success for brands

This document serves as a guiding tool to the reason of our existence and who we are as BizM8. This is an attempt to bring meaning and reason for our identity and culture as a youthful and innovative African company.

BizM8 – A Brand Companion

We believe that being brand companion means being closely associated with a brand and help to promote or reinforce the brand’s identity, values, and messaging. As a brand companion we believe in being a partner that is aligned with the brand’s mission and values.

Our purpose is to enhance the brand’s visibility and credibility by associating it with a trusted or respected partner. By partnering with BizM8, a brand can leverage their partner’s audience and reputation to reach new customers and build brand loyalty among existing customers.

Overall, a when a brand joins the BizM8 Family, they allow us to be a strategic partner that can help them to strengthen their identity, reach new audiences, and build trust and credibility with consumers/clients.

Logo Composition

The new logo presents a modern and techno feel of the old logo. The techno logo uses Zeros (0) and Ones (1). This is a jargon that computers use. The logo represents our aspirations to be relevant in the new age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which uses machine learning technology combined with the human element.

Logo Name and Meaning

BizM8 is a combination of the word Biz and M8. It is pronounced as Biz Mate (friend in business). The name BizM8 captures our ethos – brand companion. We are a business that is captivated by the essence of being a companion to other brands – aiding them to achieve their brand goals. We believe in collaboration!

BizM8 = Biz + M8

Words and Symbols


The word “biz” is a slang term that is short for “business.” It is often used informally in casual conversation or in written communication, such as emails or text messages, to refer to work-related matters or professional activities.


The word “M8” is a commonly used abbreviation for the word “mate.” It is often used in informal communication such as texting, online messaging, or social media. The term “mate” can be used to refer to a friend, a colleague, or a romantic partner. The abbreviation “M8” is particularly popular in British and Australian English, where “mate” is a commonly used term of endearment. In these contexts, “M8” is often used in the same way as “mate,” to refer to someone with whom you have a close or friendly relationship.

In our 2015 logo concept, emphasis and focal point was put on two characters – i.e., the letter M and numeric number 8. When both characters [M8] are combined, they represent the word Mate. The word M8 was carried throughout our corporate identity elements emphasizing the importance of focusing on the friend in which refers to a client.

In numerology, the number 8 is associated with balance, harmony, and power. This is because the shape of the number 8 represents an infinity symbol, suggesting a balance between the material and spiritual worlds. The human figure depicted by the number 8 on the logo represents a balance of infinite human potential and prowess.

M8 = M + 8

Pronounced Biz Mate (friend in business), BizM8 is an integrated brand development, corporate communication, and information technology agency. BizM8 provides products and services to both SMMEs, NGOs and governments in Africa. These solutions includes, but not limited to Brand Development, Corporate Communication, and Information Technology (IT).

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