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BizM8 is giving you an opportunity to make an extra income. We are inviting you join a team of over 80+ members of the Rewards Programme across South Africa.

Are you a student, unemployed, entrepreneur or employed looking to make an EXTRA INCOME?

Earn 10% on all products and services offered by BizM8.

  • We will provide you with the marketing material for all our products and services
  • You can use either word of mouth or your social media platforms to advertise the products and services
  • Make sure that your clients do business with BizM8
  • We will invoice the client and send you a copy of the invoice
  • Upon a payment received for a service, you will receive 10% of the invoice. E.g. if invoice is R5 000, you will receive R500


    What do you do for a living? *

    How did you hear about this opportunity? *

    How would like to be rewarded?

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    How will BizM8 know that they are invoicing my client?

    Our quotation form ( includes name and surname of the person referred. When a client fills in the quotation form, they will also enter your name and surname for us to know who referred them to us.

    How long does it take to be paid once a business lead is closed and client has paid?

    In less than 24 hours (week-days), we will send you a proof of payment

    Does the referral apply to each time the client wants services from BizM8?

    No! This only works for the first time the client makes use of BizM8’s services/products

    What if I don't want cash but a coupon to buy from the BizM8 Shop?

    You can choose between receiving cash payment or receciving a BizM8 Coupon. This will enable you to get a discount based on the amount of money you received from a sale as a result of your referral.

    Do I get a referral code?

    Sadly not at the moment. We are working on an affiliation system for our website which will enable you to send to people you are referring our products and services to. Once it is ready, we will notify you via email and WhatsApp.